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The Opponent Speaks Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Levi Grant aka The Opponent" journal:

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December 8th, 2005
11:32 pm


The Opponent. A pound a day! two bowls in one hit!
What up people of the land. Heres the skinny on the shit yo (in ever awsome bullet format):
-Reason 3.0! I have more sound quality than i do inspiration!
-Is it true the universe will take care of you if you stop worrying about shit? Or if you have good karma/dharma/etc? Some say so. Then why do good people experience so much more strife? Just something on my mind
-Watashi wa nihongo o benkyoushimashita! Go me!
-We miss Simon... Eponymoose! your cyborg abilities are needed for both great justice and extraordinary turntablist exhibitions.
-If you have a MySpace, i demand you join the myspace group "Solid Globe is god"

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October 17th, 2005
03:11 pm


Whats up all yo' groovy cats
This journal is henceforth to be known as The Opponent's journal. Will this new advent warrant the revival of a dead journal? Time will tell...

Current Music: gorillaz

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March 26th, 2005
10:02 am


Life is good! Mwahahaha..

Here's the low down on the good stuff:
-Games! Dragon Ball Budokai 3 makes for a great late night 1-on-1 fighter. Resident Evil 4 is still the king of everything, but what I really want to see is Devil May Cry 3, also known by its full title, Oh My God I Just Nutted At The Thought Of Devil May Cry 3
-Shane and I making the most bumpin trance beats, such as "Egged to the Face" which if you're interested I highly recommend you find a way to get it from Shane because it is so very savage a trance beat. Also on the menu are "After the Complete Destruction of Earth", and "Spooned to Death" <--- ambient beats

I must say that I haven't purchased vinyl in a long long time. If you don't count 99 cent Goodwill treasure hunts, I havent bought any in over a year. I'm no DJ...

Current Music: ganja smokin' records

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March 3rd, 2005
05:15 pm


Its been sooooo many days since i posted
I've gave up on the internet a long time ago! I turned my back and I swore I'd never come back! And that's a promise I intend to keep!!!

As overly dramatic as it is, the above statement really is true, but the feeling of being disconnected from the people who no longer exist pulls me back. Well, actually its mostly just Brad (and to a lesser degree Simon cuz hes a lot closer) who I miss and cant talk to except over the internet so let's dedicate this entry to him. Dude, Brad, we need to talk online sometime cuz we actually have DSL now! Well, here's to a good old fashioned LJ entry and maybe I'll spend some more time on the internet with peeps in time to come. I wouldn't mind being a little geekier than I am now, I don't play enough video games or use the computer enough these days.

Well life these days is pretty boring in Marin. All the peeps have left, the only cats around cool enough for me to chill with are Shane and Frisco. Dave is in China, Simons in Canda, Chris is in San Diego (but hes comin back for a week soon booya!), and the list goes on. Yup, its just school and work, school and work, school and work, getting my shit done and all that.

But enough with the bad, and on with the cool stuff, what there is of it. So, lets see.... cool stuff... *ponders this a moment*... Well, my birthday is on monday. Happy birthday me! I'll be having a little bit of celebration, hopefully aided by the hook-up with some special cookies... if you know what I mean. Other cool stuff: I recently bought Resident Evil 4, and it kicks ass, and my little brother got the new DBZ game and it kicks ass too. But more by far than them in coolness is something that kicks ass to such a degree that the greatest of rumps are powerless against it: THE BIG O! Yes, The Big O. The Big O is a superior anime. Hearing Roger Smith yell out "Big O, its showtime!" is so very satisfying, only to be topped by the glory of seeing Big O rip the other giant robots to bits. The storyline is quite a trip in itself, and confusing as fuck I might add. And on a final note, the Big O's soundtrack rules! Nothing compliments giant robot battles like a moving orchestral performance!

Current Mood: peacefulRoger Smith
Current Music: Afterburner - Summer Sun (on vinyl baby! this track ROCKS)

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July 22nd, 2004
01:12 am


great words of wisdom are this:
don't pee into the wind.

is it just me, or are black comedians just funnier? I mean, cmon, its so true. I always laugh more at a black guy than a white guy. Well, you know, black guys are allowed more funniness, cuz they arent white. White guys cant make fun of anyone, cuz thats not funny... thats baaad racism. But when a black guy makes fun of whitey, now thats some funny shit. I got really pissed off when i was watching some dumb-ass comedian reality tv shit where they eliminate people and crap. Its kinda like survivor, but funny... anyways it was all head-to-head between a black guy, a hella fly black guy, and a skinny ass white boy, so i guess it was head-to-head-to-head, and you know one of them gets eliminated of the show. but you know waht pissed me off? Whitey wasnt the one gone! They kicked off the fly ass black dude... now thats racism if ever i saw it. Damn that fly ass black guy was funny too! He made fun of chicks with big foreheads who cut thier hair short... yeah, good fun.

yeah so i never really use this lj for anything serious anymore, i just say retarted ass stuff here when i feel like it... *pats self on the back* nothing like the feeling of knowing you did you job, and you did it well. well, this is pretty retarted ass: i had a dream last night that included a strange plot to assassinate myself in a perpetuating time loop, zombies attacking my slumber party, wierd anime stuff, blowing stuff up with space bombs, naked boobs, using two pistols at once and fighting an Agent, and jumping across rooftops collecting Imodium. I can explain why my dreams were so wierd though, i slept on this REALLY long pillow, like literally 4 feet long, and it gave me wierd dreams. I think i'll call it the "wierd dream pillow" or maybe the "long-ass wierd dream pillow" or something, i dunno.

Current Mood: retarted
Current Music: music of that old guy who dances in front of that bus

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01:00 am


this is way too awsome not to steal from brad's journal

type your lj name using the following:
nose: swpo0pt5828
elbow: swpot8928
Tongue: 2spo828 (tastes nasty)
Chin: sdp;oltg889i2389
Feet: swa90PO0TR8726778
Eyes closed and one finger: apoe929
back of hand: sdpoitr029
Palm: sdi[opuot838
Mouse: sopot828
Wrist: azpikuty892387

Current Mood: cooool, but lonely
Current Music: where do they go when they drink nesteeeeaaaa?

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July 19th, 2004
08:31 pm


im in canada, but my stay in almost over. i come back on the 22nd. yaaaaay

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May 3rd, 2004
05:55 pm


I tried to post without anything but a subject but it wouldnt let me. So without further ado... BULLET FORMAT

-AP tests are tomorrow and im studying for AP stats which is tomorrow. To anyone else taking it good luck! I dont think im gonna get the 4 I want, but I only really care about the Chem test so screw stats
-I got beads and me and my mom made candy! Anyone who wants to ome over and make some can, or if you want me to make you some tell me.
-I'm turning into a raver its true. Once i get some UFOs the transformation (tranceformation hardy har har) will be complete. Partying the weekend after APs! Who wants to come?
-Im doing an DJ ABC book for art and its gonna be awsome.
-Listening to a walkman (portable tape player ladies and gents) at school is fun. Kind alike retro or something cept that i dont like retro stuff so whatever. its cool
-Can you hear the sound of... pollenation?
-Why do people say "Techno sucks!"... it would be perfectly okay to just say "I don't like techno." or even "I HATE techno!" without slamming an entire genre of music that i happen to be personally very fond of? *steam is shooting out of my ears* plus voice samples in techno are the best quotes ever (see post above)
-This awsome online tactics game ive been playing
-Being happy yesterday. And on this coming wednesday.
-Majere is my hero
-I can do the liquid thing, but i dont know how. Which reminds me, its retarted when people glowstick at school dances...
-i'm sorry, the US just sucks. OMG the fbi is gonna come confiscate me now
-obtrusively conservative people are REALLY annoying. (yes, even more annyoing than obtrusively liberal peeps)
-the internet
its a retarted aim conversation like simons entry
ignorantd00d8892: why cant i turn on my computer?
ccountersstriikesnyyperr111: did you press the one buuton?
ignorantd00d8892: yeah, but nothing happens
ccountersstriikesnyyperr111: is it plugged in?
ignorantd00d8892: duh
ignorantd00d8892: wait i think i found the button d00d!
*** ignorantd00d8892 signed off at Mon May 03 18:23:07 2004.
ccountersstriikesnyyperr111: IAM USING THE INTERNET!!!!

I wonder what % of the peeps in the world suck. I bet its a high percent. Like 99%... you might be saying to yourself right now "But Levi, isn't whether someone sucks too subjective to be made a percent?" Well, to answer your question, reader: No.

More mental diaherria when im not studying for an AP d000dz

Current Mood: geekystudying bitchingly hard
Current Music: RAVE TECHNO PROGRESSIVE HOUSE Ski Mix 12 - Track 4

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April 24th, 2004
02:06 pm


Simply Amazing
The most amazing thing just happened! I was connecting my 56k and listening to bomb ass majere's demo tape, and the sounds of the modem dailing were perfectly in sync with the music. I dunno if its a big deal for anyone else, but for me that's heaven

Current Mood: surprisedwow
Current Music: duh

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01:24 am


i forgot a subject when i posted this the first time
Gonna mellow it out for this weekend, and im gonna try to keep away from the partying til after APs are over so i dont get horribly screwed sans lube. Oh yeah and i havent washed my hair in a few days and its really really nappy. gross huh? no, its nappy... duh

For those who enjoy things that are not weak:
Akira vs. A Megabig SandwichCollapse )

As cynical as this sounds, its more of a musing than a rant: Somebody needs to take the blame for the shitty state the world is in. I say we blame old people... that way we wont have to worry about retribution. those damn old people

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: majeres demo tape

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